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BENANOVA Inc. is a science startup company from the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at NC State University. The Company commercializes novel cost-efficient environmentally benign particle systems (EbNPs) made of natural materials, which can leverage the functional properties of bioactive agents.

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We foresee a strong and robust development of our company guided by our long-term perspective, the enhancement of quality of life with technological solutions that are both beneficial and safe.

Our ambition is to stimulate the development and utilization of environmentally-benign innovations in the area of nanotechnology and colloid science. We achieve this by approaching scientific advances with an entrepreneurial attitude in the framework of environmental responsibility. Our innovative strength is rooted in upcycling sustainable byproducts from biomass processing into functional nanomaterials. These nature-inspired materials are programmed by design to lose their functionality and biodegrade when exposed to the environment.

Our committed team and our collaborative culture are additional sources of strength. We are proud to be part of BENANOVA Inc.


Our Mission

We firmly believe that sustainable nanotechnology is beneficial for business, society and the environment. Therefore, our goal is to deliver benign innovations in the area of nanotechnology that address the pressing environmental, societal and business challenges that customers and clients face in our dynamic and constantly changing world.

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