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Overview about BENANOVA's innovative Environmentally benign Nanoparticle (EbNP) Technology.

Environmentally benign Nanoparticles (EbNPs)

BENANOVA's proprietory EbNPs have a biodegradable core of a natural material and can be produced with the functional equivalency to silver nanoparticles and other commercially available antimicrobial nanoparticles. These new degradable particles combine high efficiency with high post-utilization safety.

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Degradable particles with high functionality

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Environmentally benign Nanoparticles (EbNPs)

Nature-inspired, biodegradable, and highly functional

BENANOVA's EbNPs is the only technology that combines (1) a biodegradable design with (2) efficiency higher than the one of antimicrobial silver nanoparticles to meet the requirements of safe and sustainable nanotechnology. The EbNPs are biopolymer-based, synthesized via environmentally friendly processes, and designed to enhance the functional properties of the active agent employed. Once the desired action is performed, the particles are depleted and will degrade, which increases post-utilization safety.

Proof-of-concept studies at NC State University in collaboration with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demonstrated that EbNPs clearly outperform one of the most widely applied antimicrobial nanoparticles on the market – the silver nanoparticles. EbNPs deliver up to 20 time higher efficiencies per unit mass of active ingredient.

BENANOVA's EbNPs are suitable for the development of new types of environmentally friendly nanomaterials, which could drastically decrease the environmental impact of a broad range of products.


Animation visualizing the killing of bacteria by EbNPs.



The animation shows the killing of a bacterium by Environmentally-benign Nanoparticles (EbNPs). The EbNPs are made of (i) a biodegradable lignin-based core (grey) carrying (ii) antimicrobial silver ions (red) and are engineered to target bacterium (green). Once the particles are at close proximity to the bacterium, antimicrobial silver ions can affect the bacterium and kill it. The EbNPs become depleted from active silver ions during application. Dead bacterium is shown in red.

Reference: The paper, “An environmentally benign antimicrobial nanoparticle based on a silver-infused lignin core”, is published online in the journal Nature Nanotechnology (Nat. Nanotechnol. 2015, DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2015.141).



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