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BENANOVA Inc. is a science startup company from the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at NC State University. The Company commercializes novel cost-efficient environmentally benign particle systems (EbNPs) made of natural materials, which can leverage the functional properties of bioactive agents. The technology was developed by Prof. Orlin D. Velev and Alexander P. Richter at NC State University.

EbNPs Environmentally benign nanoparticles Lemelson-MIT

Sustainable colloid technology

Biomaterials and green chemistry processes

Degradable particles with high functionality

Benign by design

Lemelson-MIT Award

Innovative particle technology

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How we got started

Our story started with a collaboration on visionary nanotechnology research with the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)*. We took on the challenge to synthesize, functionalize and test degradable environmentally benign nanoparticles (EbNPs) - a new class of functional nanomaterials. These EbNPs were literally engineered from scratch in the Velev Lab. When our particles outperformed the state of the art in various tests at NC State University, it became clear that this technology, and more importantly our “benign by design”, approach has the potential to help a multitude of industries to meet their current and future challenges. BENANOVA Inc., focused on bringing these benign innovations to practice, was born.

We expect that our cutting edge, environmentally benign nanotechnology innovations, will lead BENANOVA to rapid growth. We believe that sustainable products with advanced functionality will result in lasting benefits to consumers, society and nature. Our commitment to innovation and our dynamic culture provides us with the flexibility to translate scientific advances into extended commercial growth.


* DISCLAIMER: The US EPA does not endorse products of BENANOVA Inc.

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